About Us

JoliSoleil is the name we gave the old farm in France that I bought in 1999. 

I am JPieter Smits. You can click on my name to view my LinkedIn profile.

After emigrating to France in 2003, I also named my company "JoliSoleil" or "JS". 

I have been interested in wine practically all my life. 

Living in Amsterdam I did the "SVH- Slijters Vakopleiding". (WSET 2)

It is not a coincidence that I came to live in France right between the wine regions of Alsace and Burgundy.


The JoliSoleil Wine tours started as a hobby. Over the years they became more and more important.

It grew to be my main business in 2012.

Since then I organize private (more) day tours and wine tastings in the French Alsace and Burgundy region and Tuscany Italy all year round.